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    After an hour and a half delay, Sky Bahamas' crew and the 23 passengers were finally cleared for take-off from Nassau en route to Acklins, under cloudy skies and light rain. The residents of the Southern Island, mainly the settlement of Selina Point, were eager to head home and see first hand the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, and start the rebuilding process. Those who boarded the plane were among the 300 residents who heeded the call to evacuate, leaving everything behind. The passengers had to deplane after they learned that supplies from NEMA were not on board. Some grew worrisome, about the delay, noting that they would have to land in spring point, which is half an hour away from Selina Point. Joseph Emmanuel and Alfred Emmanuel, small business owners in Selina Point both expressed the urgency in returning. Emmanuel says "I don't know what is left. I haven't seen any pictures or nothing to show. One picture I saw was my boat turned over. I lost my boat. That is the only thing i really see". I anticipate that some of the roof is lost. Particularly, I lost the roof off my business place, windows were blown out, water damage, etc.

    We would have seen pictures, photos and received reports that there would have been major coastal damages. Our cemetery had been somewhat washed out. Bodies and caskets were found. Houses were damaged, portions of roofs were lost, doors were blown out, some windows were blown out. I know for a fact there were about four houses that were almost completed by some single moms and they have come smashed to the ground. There were one or two others that were smashed to the ground". Stephen Rose said the two Hurricanes, Joaquin and Matthew, that hit the island in 2015 and 2016 didn't do that much damage to the southern side of the island. He believes that the restoration process will go smoothly and will bring some kind of normalcy quickly. He went on to say "the island was well on its way to recovery. The Government had really pushed hard. NEMA pushed hard to rebuild people's lives and homes back. Now irma comes and also inflicts some damages. Acklins really had its fair share of hits. The people of acklins has always been resilent. We know how to make do until help really reaches us".




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