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    General Manager and Chief Inspector at the Bahamas Humane Society, Mr. Percy Grant, says he and his colleagues continue to be in-undated with communication concerning animal cruelty and the problem he says is growing worse.

    "Either people are tying dogs up on short leash, no shelter and no water or their couping dogs in what you would call a chicken coup, with little ventilation and it is a growing problem.The dog should not be tied if you have a fence in yard , the dog should be loose to roam in the yard; or to get exercise in the yard. If your yard is not fenced and if you have to tie your dog, then it should be on a long enough chain, a running chain, and a proper dog house or don't have an animal, don't have an animal if your not capable of taking care of an animal".

    While Inspector Grant says animal cruelty is a problem which occurs year-round, its exacerbated during the summer months. Grant went on to say, "with heat strokes, people taking dogs to the beach, unconscious that dogs don't drink salt water, taking dogs for walks with no water and you hear the dogs panting. The dogs loves its owner, but the dog can't talk. We've had some cases of heat strokes on the beach, they don't stop periodically to stop and give that dog some water and so lots of deaths happen during the summer months".

    With its various educational programs, Inspector Grant says they do what they can. For those animal owners who claim to be unaware of their guilty stance of animal cruelty, he's warning that they become better educated. He says "the procedure is that we caution and we advise, we try to educate people if not we remove the animal. If we have to we call in law enforcement and if we have to in extreme cases, we'll get a court order to have the animal removed. Inspector Grant is describing the act of animal cruelty as unconscionable and is encouraging animal owners to become better educated and exhibit more care.






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