Ministry of Works Retirees Saluted for Model Characteristics


The Hon. Desmond Bannister, Minister of Public Works, implored Public Service Officers to review the quality of service they give and explore prospects of improvement and enhancement of delivery of service to meet the public’s demands. “Many of you would be aware that we are at a point in our history where the need to be competitive in all areas of society is never more critical than before. We are not favorably ranked in some areas that are integral to our progress as a nation. “And so before we can build upon any progress that we’ve made to date; we must address certain realities. One of which, is the need to embrace the opportunities and challenges which exist to affect notable changes in the way we work,” said Minister Bannister.

He recommended the following to staff for consideration: Integrating technology in the conduct of work so as to improve and expedite processes; adopting a culture of being ethically sound in work practices; committing ourselves to understanding and supporting the Team’s Vision; valuing one’s career to the extent that they invest time and resources for personal and professional development; providing opportunities, in an equitable fashion for officers to advance and/or gain recognition and hence achieve job satisfaction; tooling and re-tooling our high flyers and outstanding performers with the exposure, training and resources necessary to assume positions of leadership and empowering officers with the competency and capacity to perform in the ever changing and constantly evolving global arena.

It is the Minister’s hope that the considerations will not only sensitize the employees to consistently review and address delivery of service to the Bahamian people but that it will also serve as a means of encouragement to spur staff on in a positive and determined way to ensure that these improvements are made. Minister Bannister gave remarks at the Ministry’s 2017 Retirement Luncheon, Friday, December 1, at the British Colonial Hilton, Bay Street. The Ministry used the occasion to formally recognize retirees, some of whom have given more than half of their lives to the Government and people of The Bahamas, having joined the service in the 70s and 80s. Mr. Bannister saluted the officers and particularly singled out Wilfred Bain, Chief Clerk of Works and Kipling Butler, Superintendent of Works, the Welding Shop, who have given forty-nine and forty-eight years of service, respectively.

He referred to the retirees as ‘outstanding examples of service providers.’ He lauded their accomplishments and expressed gratitude and appreciation to them for unselfish efforts. “Honorees, by virtue of your particular calling or job status, it is highly likely that each of you, in some way, has also impacted the lives of other public officers. Indeed, your legacy will provide a rich heritage for serving and seasoned public officers. I, therefore, urge you to continue to share your experiences and encourage others to do likewise,” he said. Minister Bannister told the retirees that by their exemplary actions, professional decorum and model characteristics they have set the bar, but have also greatly enriched the Public Service by their commitment and dedication over the years. For this, they are owed a debt of gratitude.

“I am especially pleased to be a part of this service of recognition because I truly believe that it is so important to have a ‘focus’ on people as a priority since they are unquestionably the most important asset in any organization. The welfare and well-being of employees should not be relegated to a special activity or event, but rather it should be a standard practice within the organizational culture of every Ministry and department of the Public Service.”

From left: Colin Higgs, Permanent Secretary; Ashward Ferguson, Senior Architect (40 years of service); the Hon. Desmond Bannister, Minister of Works; and Antoinette Thompson, Undersecretary. (Photo/Compliments, Ministry of Works)

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