Bahamas Christian Council visits Commander Defence Force

Bishop Delton Fernander making his presentation during a courtesy call at HMBS Coral Harbor. Also shown is Commodore Tellis Bethel.

President of the Bahamas Christian Council, Bishop Delton Fernander, along with board members and officers paid a courtesy call on Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel, at HMBS Coral Harbour on Thursday 14 December. Bishop Fernander stated that although the meeting was intended some weeks ago, the visit was timely, allowing members of the Christian Council to be better informed of the security challenges confronting the nation and to determine how best the church community could assist
in resolving them. We had an opportunity in open and closed meetings for the Commander Defence Force and his team to layout the strategies’ for interdiction through our islands and our waters at any given time,” said Bishop Fernander. “We have been given the assurance they are willing to make the adjustments that are necessary, with manpower deployments or team restructuring.

We were very impressed with the investment in technology. It’s not easy. We have a good understanding of how much waters and territory we have. We must all be a part of this community. Bishop Fernander, also pledged the support of the Christian Council for the Defence Force and other security Forces stating that the Church is able to reach out and share information with everyday people who might not read newspapers. Commodore Bethel said that the presentation given during the Christian Council’s visit was part
of an ongoing effort for the Defence Force to inform various communities throughout The Bahamas of the role, threats, challenges and related solutions for the Defence Force, and to elicit their support. The Bahamas Christian Council’s entourage consisted of leaders of a number of major religious denominations, who were introduced to members of the Force’s Executive Team and senior command.

Bishop Delton Fernander along with officers and Board members during a courtesy call at HMBS Coral Harbour on December 14, 2017. Also shown are Commander Defence Force, Commodore Tellis Bethel and his Senior Officers and Force Command Chief.

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