Minister Pintard Tells Young Entrepreneurs Funding Could be Found to Realize a Dream

Twenty-eight-year-old Victoria Robinson-Joseph has started working on her egg farm. Currently working from home, she hopes to move to the Grand Bahama Highway. She brought her recently hatched chicks to class for all to see

Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Hon. Michael Pintard gave sound advice to participants of the Grand Bahama Micro and Small Business Economic Empowerment Entrepreneurial Incentive Programme on how to get funding. Shortly after arriving at a recent training session at the C.A. Smith Building, the Minister asked the 18 participants to introduce themselves and share their information on their businesses. He told them there were a number of funding options that could assist: commercial entities as well as investment firms looking to invest in small businesses.

The Minister pointed out they should not get into businesses they were not passionate about. He noted the government intends to put together a directory for persons to find funding; and that, moreover, if the business is the dream, one could find a network of people to make that dream happen.

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