Digital System being explored for the Courts

brown gavel and open book on a wooden table of the law in the courtroom

A digital recording system is being investigated for use in the Courts. In his address at the ceremonies to officially open the Legal Year, Thursday, January 11, 2018, Acting Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs said the new system would bring some “relief” to Magistrates. “This has a lot of potentials especially when it is considered that Magistrate’s Courts, in particular, can only engage stenographers on request. That means that the recording of the evidence, submissions, exchanges between bench and bar are recorded by hand,” said Acting Chief Justice Isaacs.

He explained that the stenographers in the Magistrate’s Court were removed years ago on the expectation that voice recording systems would be purchased and installed. “When the stenographers were removed, the work of the Magistrates was adversely affected. The hand-written record is far slower to produce than a stenographic record. “This not only adversely affected the Magistrates but it slowed down the pace of trials and appeals being disposed of.” Acting Chief Justice Isaacs remarked that the exploration which is being conducted with the assistance of the United States Embassy is “anxiously” awaited.

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