Min. of Tourism on Aviation Regulations

Although investigations are on-going into that fatal Andros plane crash, aviation minister, Dionisio D’Aguilar, had this to say about those in the sector who may be hacking.  It seems to be a concerted effort by many pilots who want to be in the hacking business, to declare that they are only transporting passengers who are their friends or their family. But really, they are transporting people for pay and we have actively, I’ve charged The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority, so let’s change that dynamic, let’s give the necessary entities, the teeth, and the power to prevent this problem from continuing.
Having acknowledged that the problem of hacking has been long-standing, Minister D’Aguilar says this problem must be rectified immediately. As Minister responsible, he says it’s now a priority.
D’Aguilar went on to say, “Bahamian lives are at stake, we need to deal with this. We need to address this issue and I’ve charged the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, to come up with a plan, let’s deal with this man, lives are being lost and that should not be tolerated. There should be a zero tolerance for the violation of rules and regulations as it relates to aviation. It’s just unacceptable and I’m gonna do my endeavor best to try and clamp down on this whole hacking business. I don’t know what’s involved, I don’t know the intricacies about it, but I’m definitely going to learn about it and for my technical staff in aviation that supports me, I’ve charged them to let’s deal with this, let’s change the regulations.  The Aviation Minister, disclosed his immediate directives to effect change.
Let us empower the place from which they depart or the place from which they arrive too, with the power to inspect, to check and to verify, the documents, to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy and the pilot is indeed has a license to transport people for commercial purposes. This cannot continue. the Bahamian people expect their regulators to ensure that when they go to the airport that they get on that plane, we as the regulators have checked that plane and verified that that pilot is indeed in a position to transport people for pay.
Minister D’Aguilar, says lives were lost as a result of an unregulated system of checks and balances, and moving forward he will be that change agent.
“It’s up to us to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and say you know what, we did the right thing and it certainly was not the result of something that we did not do and I’m not convinced that we’re doing all that we can do and I intend to change that.

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