D.W Davis honours students

During a special assembly in the school’s gym, faculty, staff,  and students at D.W. Davis Junior High School, today celebrated their intellectual achievers. During a special assembly, in the school’s gym, 45 of the schools 600 students enrolled, were honored for academic excellence. Principal, Mrs. Nicolette Brown, says the students have worked very hard and this is their time to be rewarded. she noted how the number of those students improving academically has significantly increased.
Last year summer, we had 27 students only who were on the honor roll, this we believe it a significant improvement because we now have 45 students and so we are very pleased with that accomplishment. we have a wonderful team here who work hard, who are prepared to go the extra mile, we conduct classes during the mornings, lunchtime and during the afternoons,  to assist our students where they are weak.  Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, the Honourable Michael Pintard, applauded educators and parents for pubically honoring the students in this fashion. He’s encouraging not only those students being honored, but all of the 600 students enrolled to excel.
Min. Pintard went on to say “much the same way past failures do not dictate your future, the truth is you cannot rest on your laurels even though you are doing well right now. You have to continue to apply yourself, face the new challenges, and continually set new goals. The importance of putting timelines to the dreams that you have, cause when you put a timeline you then convert what is a dream into a goal and then work out a system on how to achieve it. the importance of them having friends and family in their life who is prepared to support them in pursuing it and that being academically smart is important, but also being morally upright and having the right character/attributes is equally if not more important.

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