Landfill Smoke causes school closure

all of the initial indicators were there, that something out of the ordinary was taking place. In addition to children from H.O. Nash Junior High School leaving their school premises, St. John’s college security guard Shawn Newbold, was outfitted with more than just his normal uniform; he had a safety mask. upon arrival, Principal of Saint John’s, Dr. Nevillene Evans, says she too was faced with the overwhelming smell of smoke, and that’s what she says prompted members of the Anglican Board Authority, to cancel classes for the day.
Evans says “the campus was just shrouded, engulfed with smoke; you could not see if you put your hand up in front of you, you just couldn’t see it. So I took some photos and I sent it to the Director of Education so she could see what the campus looked like and we consulted and the final decision was to halt classes for the day.  By late Monday morning, the smoke had dissipated, however, the classrooms were still being aired out”.      She went on to say “what I want everyone to understand is, the safety of our children, that is paramount. there are molecules that we cannot see and we don’t know what kind of effect it would have, especially on those children who are managing bronchial and chest conditions or asthmatic even excema students and so whatever decision is made, it has to be in the best interest of our children.
Dr. Evans, says they already have plan b, should they be confronted with the same situation on Tuesday. “One or two things we can do after observing what happened today. Perhaps thought could be given to starting school a little later and finishing at 4 o’clock, because we really need to make up construction time. so I think tomorrow morning, I think that’s going to be an on-sight call.
Principal Evans encourages parents of the more than 800 students enrolled at St. Johns college to listen for any public announcement on their next move.

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