B.C.P to Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Commendations to the Founding Fathers

B.C.P 20th Anniversary Committee

The Bahamas Constitution Party (BCP) will celebrate twenty (20) years of the Mandate to Return Righteous Governance to the Bahamas, by honoring the Founding Fathers of the modern Bahamas. The 20th Anniversary Committee will embark on a series of events over the next few months to mark twenty years of participation in Bahamian politics. Under the theme, ‘Committed to the Preservation of the Next Generation’, the first of these events will be a Service of Thanksgiving and Commendation, on Monday, February 26th, 2018, at 7pm in the evening, at the Golden Gates World Outreach Centre on Carmichael Road.

During this Service, we will give thanks to God for service to the Bahamian people; and pay Special Tribute to the Life, Work, and Legacy of the Rt Hon. Sir Lynden Pindling and Sir Randol Fawkes for their contribution to the genesis and development of the BCP in 1998-2000; recognizing them as the Architects of a Righteous Agenda for the Bahamas. Additional special Commendations and Recognition will be given to all the Signatories
to the Bahamian Constitution, the first Majority Rule Cabinet and other Nation builders,
which includes five (5) former Bahamian Governors-General.

Both the Pindling & Fawkes family have agreed to participate, giving reflections on their father’s life and work. Monique Pindling Johnson and Francis Fawkes will represent their respective Families. This non-partisan forum hopes to ‘Re-ignite the Spirit of the Fathers, and Bridge the Gap to the Next Generation. This is history in the making for National posterity.

Persons to be given Special Commendations
Sir Arthur Foulkes, Former Governor General
Bishop James Darling
Certificate of Recognition & Appreciation will be given to them / and or their Families
*Honourable His Excellency Sir Orville Turnquest, KCMG, Former Governor-General
*The Honourable His Excellency Arthur D. Hanna, Former Governor-General
*Honourable George Smith
*Honourable Loftus RoKer
*Hon. Rev. Phillip M. Bethell
Sir Milo Butler, KCMG , Former Governor-General
Sir Clement Maynard, KCMG
Sir Kendal G. L. Isaacs, KCMG, Former Governor-General
Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfeild, KCMG
Dame Hon. Doris Sands Johnson, MBE
Honourable Paul Adderley
Honuorable Norman Solomon,
Rev. Carlton Francis
Mr. Cadwell Armbrister
Mr. Henry Bowen.
Mr. Clarence A Bain,
Mr. Jeffery Thompson,
Dr Curtis McMillian,
Mr. Warren Lavarity,

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