Defence Force Personnel Supports Inagua Community


Royal Bahamas Defence Force personnel attached to the Southern Command showed their support during various activities that highlighted a local hero. The community honored Mrs. Willamae Malcom Bridgewater, a former educator and the school’s principal for many years. Under the theme “A Lady Worthy of Praise”, the Officer and Marines at HMBS Matthew Town Inagua, led by Sub Lieutenant Danielle Morley, attended the festivities. They celebrated with the Inagua All Age School, which honored Mrs. Bridgewater during a special assembly at St. Philip’s Anglican Church on February 9, 2018. They also attended a gala ball the next day and culminated with a church service at the church on Sunday. Mrs. Bridgewater, a resident of Inagua served a total of 44 years as an educator, of which 8 years was in the office as Principal of the Inagua All Age School. She has since retired.

The Defence Force team also played a vital role during the island’s Discovery Club field trip on February 10, 2018. The program is dedicated to inspire and educate Bahamian youths to become knowledgeable environmental stewards through fun conservation-based classroom lessons, hands-on activities and field trips. The field trip entailed a one-mile hike which consisted of twenty-five members of the Discovery Club. They were divided into two groups called the Explorers and Guardians, whose overall ages ranged from 7-12 years. Led by Leading Seaman Eric Rolle, some of the youngsters were taught kayaking for the first time. During the hike, the children were able to recognize different plants and mangroves they had learned in class.

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