Long Island M.P expresses disgust over Hit and Run incidents

Long Island M.P Adrian Gibson has expressed disgust over the recent spate of hit and run incidents.  He told parliament today he was himself a victim of a hit and run this week and is the schoolmate of the recent hit and run victim who was struck and killed as she took her morning run along West Bay Street on Monday morning.  He told Parliament today that traffic laws pertaining to insurance must be strengthened.
He says ” there’s an absolute need to strengthen our laws as it relates to hit and runs.  Police officer told me of thousands of uninsured drivers on our roads.  You need to clamp down on that even if it means having serious frank conversations with insurance companies relative to their processes.  For example, people being allowed to enter insurance contracts, paying enough to have a temporary certificate issued then upon licensing never returning to pay and allowing it to lapse.  Unquestionably the vehicle licensing process must be reviewed.”

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