North Eleuthera Airport upgrade


As one of the busiest airports in the country, director of public works Melanie Roach says the North Eleuthera Airport has been identified as one of the ports in the country that most critically needs to be addressed. She says the area requires a new airport that could cost a hefty sum, with the last estimate around $32 million. Government is exploring funding options. Roach says the airport has outgrown the location and a new facility would allow bigger aircraft to come in.
She says the terminal is also too small to accommodate the number of travelers the airport sees and once they clear security, passengers are confined to a small area outside.
North Eleuthera M.P Ricky Mackey also highlighted the critical need for a new facility, as the airport he says, is the third busiest in the country. Min. of Works officials say once funding becomes available, the project can begin.

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