P.L.P Campaign Against Oban Is Nothing But Smoke And Mirrors

Free National Movement Chairman Carl Culmer

Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman, Carl R. Culmer Sr., issued the following statement on Prime Minister Minnis’s House of Assembly Floor Speech regarding the PLP’s involvement with Oban prior the election last year: “Facts are stubborn. They just would not go away. And the fact that the PLP leadership must come to terms with is that after years of being ignored and neglected by the former PLP Government Grand Bahama is in desperate need of economic development and investment. It is also a fact that the Oban Energies Project would create 1,600 well- paying jobs and many business opportunities for Bahamian Business during construction and then long-term secure jobs during operations. Knowing these facts, the Bahamian people are left wondering why from day one of this encouraging announcement Brave Davis along with his sidekick Chester Cooper and the woeful PLP leadership have talked down and attacked this project? They seem bound and determined to prevent this project from going forward by putting their political fortunes above the well- being of families throughout the Bahamas.
“Yesterday, the Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis made the case publicly that the PLP was on board with the Oban Energies Project before they lost the general elections last year.

They were holding site visits, conducting meetings and engaging in negotiations. Yet now out of power, they have changed their tune. They are now against the project that they supported while in power. For five years in power they all but ignored the people of Grand Bahama and now they seem to be working night and day to deny the people of Grand Bahama the opportunity of good paying jobs that will bring long-term job security. Why? “The woeful PLP lost every single seat on Grand Bahama for good reason; they always put themselves above the Bahamian people. Their campaign of lies and half-truths all but ignore the past and the facts. But the Prime Minister’s speech at the House of Assembly serves as a clear reminder of the true facts that the PLP would like to ignore. It is clear that the woeful PLP was for the Oban Energies Project before they were against it. “But the fact remains that it be up to the PLP to answer the simple question why are they working so hard against a project that will create 1,600 well- paying jobs that will bring with them long-term job security to the Bahamian people? Sadly based on past behavior the Bahamians very well know the disappointing answer.”

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