Administration aggressively pursuing reforms needed to strengthen country’s education system

Prime Minister Dr. The Hon. Hubert Minnis

The Minnis Administration is aggressively pursuing the many actions that it has identified to fundamentally reform and strengthen its system of education and training. “Our nation requires an educational system that is efficient and effective in properly preparing our children and youth for the challenges of competing in the global economy of the twenty-first century,” Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis said.  “Our vision for the future in this area was clearly set out in the Speech From the Throne. Some of our key action plans include: implementing specialized programmes to equip youth with essential job-related skills and promote employment opportunities; mandating pre-school learning for all 2-and-one-half-year-olds (and) ensuring the availability of adequately staffed and equipped pre-school facilities in al Family Islands where practicable.”

Prime Minister Minnis said officials will also establish a National Apprenticeship Scheme; enhance the provision of Specialty Education and expand technical and vocational education. “It is our intention that we do not neglect our young Bahamians.” Prime Minister Minnis said the upcoming budget exercise (in June 2018) will speak to the tangible steps his Government will take to substantially increase investment in opportunities for young people to get an education, get trained in a commercial and artisan skill, or obtain the funding to start or expand their business. Prime Minister Minnis said labor plays a key role in the national economy and that it is “critically important” that it be utilized to its maximum potential. “We must place particular emphasis on bolstering human capital and addressing the gap that exists between the specific skills requirements of employers and the sets of employment-related skills of job seekers,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

“So a central policy challenge, in striving to bolster both potential and actual economic growth, is not simply ensuring the availability of adequate supplies of workers, but more importantly, the appropriate availability of skilled workers to underpin the expansion of the private sector. “We thus believe that the key to stronger growth and prosperity that is available to, and shared by all Bahamians, is the creation of a knowledge-based society. “Accordingly, my Government is aggressively pursuing the many actions that it has identified to fundamentally reform, and strengthen, our system of education and training,” Prime Minister Minnis said.

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