JetBlue and Clifton Heritage National Park Beautification and Restoration Project Launch

Artist Antonius Roberts, and Chairperson for Clifton Authority and Member of Parliament for Fox Hill, Ms. Shonel Ferguson at the National Park on Friday. (BIS Photos/Kristaan Ingraham)
JetBlue partnered with Clifton Heritage National Park to launch a park beautification and restoration initiative which officially began at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 23, 2018. Chairperson for Clifton Authority and Member of Parliament for Fox Hill, Shonel Ferguson said that “This is a relaunching of Clifton.”  In observance of National Tree Month which is April, JetBlue adopted The Sacred Space and The Genesis Garden Site at The Clifton Heritage National Park. The team will be responsible for the removal of waste, debris, and the beautification of the area. General Manager of JetBlue, Mr. Alan Sweeting extended gratitude on behalf of JetBlue and ensured that they will “Beautify and maintain the area so that all will have the wonderful pleasure of enjoying Clifton for many years to come.”
Famed Bahamian Artist, Antonius Roberts, who was the initial co-creator of the statues at the Genesis Garden Site has agreed to assist in the restoration of said statues. He also presented his book which is titled, “Sacred Spaces- A Sense of Place” and signed a copy for Ms. Ferguson. Shonel Ferguson remarked, “Clifton is very grateful!” She sees good things for it in the near future. She also reminded us that “If we don’t know where we come from, it is hard to know where we’re going and why.” While sharing that “There are so many sacred spaces in our country,” Ms. Ferguson stated that “being grounded is what’s going to make this country move forward and this is just the beginning.” 

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