Edison School Choir participates in Ministry of Culture’s Music Workshop

The student choir from Edison High School were treated to a music workshop headed by the Ministry’s Culture Department. The singers are on a Spring Break Cruise visiting several Caribbean Islands to learn about music. Two Edison High students and Choir Instructor, Christiana Franzetti, gave us their thoughts on the experience. Student Matthew Taylor says “It’s amazing it leaves me speechless and it’s so exciting to see something new and different from our life and just the normal everyday routine its just so much fun”.
Choir instructor Christiana Franzetti says “I definitely like how fun and upbeat the music is here and I love the drums and I think I can kind of explore my music taste and just take it home with me”. ‘Right now we’re learning about different cultures and different music from different cultures and when I heard about this opportunity and I thought the music seems really cool I did a little bit of research and I wanted to learn about it so that’s why I brought them here and I contacted the National Youth Choir of the Bahamas who sent me here to learn about the different types of music and I think its just an incredible experience and I’m excited to add it to our repertoire.
Music Veteran Sonovia Pierre hosted the session on behalf of the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture and said that it is important to give visitors a memorable experience.  Pierre says “my thing is instead of just giving them sun sand and sea giving them something that they’re gonna remember. You know they say you tell somebody something but you allow them to experience it and they will definitely remember the feeling when they heard and saw Junkanoo and when they saw Rake n Scrape so I just gave them a little taste of the history and a little taste of the music.



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