Fishermen touts successful Crawfish Season

The crawfish season is now closed, however, fishermen say the catch was much better than anticipated this year, particularly in the wake of powerful storms last year, which impacted the multi-million dollar industry. President of the Bahamas Commercial and fishers alliance, Adriann Laroda says there was a turnaround in the harvest. Laroda says “even though we’re still feeling effects of past hurricanes a number of operators who had decided to pack it in and decided not to go out fishing, some of them decided not to go out.  but the other operators who were able to continue in business capitalize on that, you know the lack of competition…and they were able to bring in a great harvest, and bring in as much product as if they were operating by themselves. He went on to say “They’re still tallying the numbers, in order to give an accurate accounting of the crawfish season. however, fishermen all agree that the season was better than anticipated”.
“We still don’t have the right numbers so can’t give an estimate of the harvest yield, but year over the year the season was not a complete bust, a complete loss and we’re thankful for that. The season was good in spite of the storm, there was a lot of lobsters though most of the fishermen lost all of their traps. We’re replenishing, preparing for the future season”.
Now as with every crawfish season there are some challenges with poachers. However, fishermen are hoping that matter will continue to be addressed by the government. Despite the challenges, fishermen say they are looking forward to an even better season next year.

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