Job Fair Update

Minister of Labour The Hon, Dion Foulkes
The labor on the blocks job fair continues to reap results – as more and more Bahamians are gaining employment.  Minister of Labour Senator Dion Foulkes says more than 1,100 Bahamians received jobs.  He says the job fair will be heading to more family islands soon and the economy is heading in the right direction as jobs are becoming available.  Minister Foulkes went on to say “we think we may be close to 1,200 now.  I would like to thank the business community that has participated. No less than 15 companies have participated in all five of our Labour on the Blocks events and I also want to thank them for opening their doors to the persons they have employed”.
“We intend to do one in Abaco, as a matter of fact, I’ve been asked by both of the Members of Parliament and maybe one in North Eleuthera where we have a lot of resorts that are looking for new job seekers”.
“I just want to say that the economy is doing much better as we had predicted. You cannot find a hotel room in Nassau now.  It’s almost like a 100 percent occupancy and people are employing.  Businesses are employing so I want to encourage job seekers, people who are unemployed to go on interviews to come out to labor on the blocks.  go down to our offices.  we have one on Carmichael road, one on Robinson road, one on rosetta street and register with us please.” Foulkes says there are more women than men who are taking advantage of the job fair – and about 90 percent of the persons hired were between the ages of 18 – 40.  Skilled young men are encouraged to apply for jobs because they are available.
“Any number of businesses are hiring. No business comes to a labor on the blocks event if they are not looking for employees.  Every business that participates they have vacancies.  So if you think it is a waste of time it’s not.”We are targeting young people to the extent we can to get them working.  Once a young person is working, you find that he won’t be attracted to other things, other negative things and we have found that other young people who are gainfully employed can take care of his family can take care of his mother and father if they are living home.”
The next Labour on the Blocks Job Fair will take place on Saturday, April 14 at Doris Johnson Senior High School.  The job fair begins at 11 a-m and if you’re interested – bring your resume and two forms of identification.

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