Blue Lagoon receives American Humane Certification

The American Humane Certification was granted to Blue Lagoon’s Dolphin Encounter facility making it number 32 on a list of less than 35 certified organizations worldwide. Managing Director of Blue Lagoon Island Robert Meister, says that this verification comes after years of dedication and implementing standards.  “This validates our efforts over the years in terms of animal care and the quality of animal care now. Our guest can be assured and our business partners that we provide the highest standard of animal care anywhere in the world at our facility in Blue Lagoon Island. Zoological director George Rogers explained the different sectors of the three-day evaluation.
Trainer Taurean Moss told us about some of the things they do to keep the dolphins healthy. He says”There’s something we do to our animals every morning, daily physical examinations so the first thing we do with our animals is make sure that they are in good health that’s the first objective of the morning when we come to work so that’s just what we’re doing with our dolphins in this case we are also training it to a new trainer which is actually the first thing they have to learn before they learn anything else, how to take care of their animals so definitely one of our highest priorities”.

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