Minister of Works on Straw Vendor Concerns

Minister of Works Desmond Bannister speaks to the media yesterday outside of the Churchill Building about the recent power outages in Abaco.
Minister of public works the Hon. Desmond Bannister addressed the concerns of vendors that was expressed at a protest on Rawson Square Wednesday morning, noting that it was held by a relatively insignificant number of vendors. The minister says he was disappointed to see a number of political operatives and activists, while most of the vendors stayed at the straw market. Banister says the lighting issue is being taken care off, but the issue has impacted Bay Street for years.  He says the F.N.M is the only administration that has moved to address the matter, and vendors were assured of that when he met with them.
The Public Works Minister added that government met a large number of vendors in arrears with what he calls staggering receivables, despite rent below $40. He says the board has been lenient and many vendors have complied with requests to make financial arrangements. The minister says most of the group who occupied Bay Street had not honoured agreements they signed, and he urged those who are not current in their rent to pay their arrears.

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