Police conduct operation S.I.P

Suspected marijuana packages, cell phone, and homemade weapons were some of the items discovered on the prison compound during a search by officers making up the S.I.P Operation. Assistant Commissioner of Police, with responsibility for Crime Investigations, Clayton Fernander says the search was sparked by intelligence gathered and a viral video from the prison that showed inmates smoking, listening to music and rolling marijuana.
The massive group included officers from the drug enforcement and gang units, as well as the flying squad in partnership with Defence Force Officers and Prison Guards. Fernander says “we were able to recover 19 cell phones, 11 chargers, and 42 homemade shanks. These are very dangerous shanks capable of causing serious injury or death. We were also able to recover a large quantity of suspected marijuana. There was also a number of lighters; the center of a book was also cut out to allow a cell phone to be hidden. Inmates employed creative ways to charge those cell phones”.
Also, you would have seen wires they used for charging in the ceiling where the light fixtures are. They were able to connect a wire from the wires from that to be able to charge their cell phones. Deputy Commissioner at the Bahamas Department of Corrections Bernadette Thompson-Murray offered her suggestion as to how the contraband is making its way into the facility. She says “Like any organization, there is some form of corruption so that is one aspect of items getting in there and further if officers do not do their normal searching as they should things will enter. What you’re seeing here today is just one aspect of assisting and once we would have been given the necessary tools to assist us in continuation of this effort; much can happen as a result of what you see here today.
Thompson- Murray dismissed suggestions of visitors smuggling items into the prison; as for searches at the facility, she revealed that one unit was inspected Tuesday ahead of the operation, which was the first for the year, at that level.  Some of our needs assessment you’re talking about surveillance and all the other stuff that goes along with it also continue training and bear in mind we have to also enforce matters of concern where officers have to do their searches that’s key.  Officials promise to disrupt the practice of cell phone usage in the prison and charge anyone found connected to trafficking the contraband.
“You can’t be incarcerated and be in touch with the world at your pleasure, at your will; that’s a no, no”.  So as we move forward and we find that these officers are involved in criminal activities and doing that they will be charged. you can see that happening, it will happen in any law enforcement agency you will see it happen in the police force and the defense force. If caught prosecution will be the end result.

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