Veteran Trade Unionist Keith Archer retires


Fearless and fair are words used to describe Keith Archer. The veteran Trade Unionist who once led the trade union congress and first began his career at the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation which is now BTC. As his active involvement draws to a close as the Trade Unions consultant here at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, we look back at highlights of his activism. In 2008 he told our Anthony Newbold in a legends programme how he first became involved in trade unionism.  As President of the Bahamas Communications & Public Officers Union, Keith Archer was instrumental in the formation of the union here at ZNS. It was not easy, but along with other,s the BCPOU was able to secure three-year contracts benefitting ZNS employees. Charles Russell a ZNS Union Leader terms him the father of the ZNS union; fearless and respected when dealing with ZNS Management.

After his stint leading the B.C.P.O.U  and the Trade Union Congress which included a Senate seat, Keith Archer then became a labor consultant for the government, most notably ZNS. What was that like changing sides? Acting Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Sandra Knowles said he brought all his negotiating skills to management after having led several Trade Unions.

Archer said unionism has changed and today the focus is on the individual performance.


View highlights from Keith Archers Retirement Ceremony below:





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