Observing ‘Blue Day’ in the Fight Against Child Abuse


Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29 are being recognized as Blue Sabbath and Blue Sunday respectively. Bishop Arnold Josey, chairman of the National Child Protection Council, said Blue Day is an initiative designed to place emphasis on the fight against child abuse during Child Protection Month. “This is something that started years ago where it was decided that we ought to take the fight against child abuse to another level by getting everyone’s attention and doing something called Blue Sunday. The nation, especially churches, have been invited to participate in the awareness campaign and show support for preventing child abuse by wearing the color blue at services on Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s been going on for more than 20 years now. It is a time when families come together and we make a special effort on that particular day to pray for our children and against child abuse. “We’re looking forward to an exciting time here in our country as it is the first time, to my knowledge, that we’re doing it. I am excited that it is happening during my time of service.” Family Islands including Grand Bahama are participating in Blue Sabbath and Blue Sunday. Bishop Josey said it is hoped that Blue Day becomes an annual event.

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