R.B.D.F Marines Assist Breakaway Freighter

Able Seaman Dasmend Bowe and Marine Seaman Philip Hanna, and 3 concerned citizens onboard the abandoned vessel which ran aground.

Quick thinking marines attached to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Harbour Patrol Unit prevented much damage assisted in securing one of three breakaway freighters on Tuesday afternoon near Potter’s Cay Dock. After receiving information at 1:00 p.m. on a breakaway Haitian freighter, Patrol Craft P—115 was dispatched to the area of Potter’s Cay east of the Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge. On arrival, they discovered that a 68-ft freighter had drifted west along the channel. Attempts to anchor the vessel were unsuccessful, and the Marines eventually guided the freighter into shallow waters west of Bay Street Marina. No one was onboard the freighter, which caused damages to two boats. The Defence Force Marines were able to prevent the drifting vessel from causing additional damages to other vessels in the area. This matter was turned over to the Port Department for further investigations.

The two remaining vessels that had broken away were secured by persons in the area without incident. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to protect and safeguard the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

Able Seaman Warren Godet and Marine Seaman Dion Dames working hard to secure the freighter before any further damage is caused.
After climbing onboard the abandoned vessel which was adrift, Able Seaman Dasmend Bowe, Chief Petty Officer Pedro Rolle and Marine Seaman Dion Dames (listed as pictured) from the Defence Force Harbour Patrol Unit attempt to secure a rope to tow it away from other vessels in the Nassau Harbour to safety.

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