Team Bahamas starts competition at Regional Bowling Championships


Team Bahamas started competition Tuesday at the Regional  Conceabol Sr and Super Sr. Championships in the Dominican Republic with singles on the Lanes.  In the SR’s out of 30 bowlers Tyrone Knowles 8th, 1161 total pins and a 193.5 average. Kevin Williams 18th with 1103 pins and a 183.8 average, Charles Johnson is 20th with 1085 pins and 180.8 average. Ken Brathwaite 26th with 1043 pins and 173.8 average.

For the ladies, they have 28 bowlers in their section and Joy Lockhart is 8th with 1078 pins and 179.6 average. Marina Mcain 11th 1040 and 173.3. Kayla Nixon 14th 1025nd 170.8 average and Floridamae Wilson 28th with 870 pins and 145 average. Super Sr. men 16 in that section and Greg Taylor 12th 1072 pins and 178.6 average and Alfred Burrows 16th with 914 pins and 152.3 average.

Doubles were on the lane on day two on the Conceabol Sr. and Super Sr. championships in the Dominican Republic. Best showing comes from the team of Joy Lockhart/Marina McLain as they totaled 2106 for a 175.5 average and 3rd overall. The team of Kayla Nixon/Florida Wilson was 14th with 1837 pins and 153.10 average.  Super Sr’s Greg Taylor/Alfred Burrows was 8th with 2153 pins and 179.4 average. Sr. men Kevin Williams/Charles Johnson bowling to 9th with 2158 pins and 179.8 average. Tyron Knowles/Ken Brathwaite 13th with 2084 pins and 173.6 average.

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