Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources Statement on Potters Cay Renovations

Photo: Turtles Travel

While the concerns of the Vendors Association at Potters Cay is very important to the ministry, there are a few points we wish to bring clarity to, as expressed to ZNS News.

1. The Minister last met with vendors in July 2017, at which time, they were informed of the government’s plans for the renovations at Potter’s Cay. Those plans have not changed in principle. However, any change to the plans will be communicated directly to the stakeholders affected.
2. The Ministry has, on multiple occasions, advised the vendors to not invest any significant funds in renovating their stalls on their own and, instead, to wait for the official commencement of the renovation program.
3. Senior staff of the Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources and the Potters Cay site manager is available to assist with any questions or concerns the vendors may have regarding the renovations. In fact, Ministry officials met within the last few weeks with the vendors at the Ministry’s head office just opposite Potter’s Cay.

The plans for Potter’s Cay are a matter of public record. Any changes to those plans will be made in the public domain using the appropriate avenues. The Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources, thru the Minister or anyone appointed by him, have not made any statements contrary to what is already in the public domain. The Ministry is hopeful that once the renovations are completed, the Bahamian public, our visitors, and our vendors will all be proud of hard work that went into reforming Potter’s Cay as a culturally important market and tourist attraction.

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