Hugh Jackman thinks auditions in hotel rooms should be banned


Hugh Jackman thinks there should never ever be an audition in a hotel room again.

The ‘Wolverine’ star hopes the Me Too campaign – which was launched earlier this year after a number of people came forward to claim they’d fallen victim to sexual misconduct – will change the way things are run in the film industry because he doesn’t think it’s right that auditions are being held in private rooms.

Speaking to Australia’s GQ magazine, the 49-year-old star said: “There should never, ever be an audition again without a third person present, there should never be a meeting in a hotel room. You can call it a hotel room, but essentially it’s a bedroom, right? So why would you ever need to have a meeting there? So in many ways, it feels like there’s a hopeful feeling that this could be a genuine change for the better.”

Meanwhile, most of the people who have opened up about their own sexual assault experiences have been women, but Jessica Chastain hopes that men will be inspired by the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns and launch their own movement.

She said recently: “I think, men also suffer a lot, because of the circumstances we live in … Worldwide, the suicidal rate among men is much higher than that among women. No one talks about that. That’s ultimately linked to our idea of the sexes, which only allows a strong man, but none that shows his feelings … Of course, a man can be ambitious or whatever he wants to be. But he needs to be able to handle his own feelings competently. That’s something I long for and it’s the kind of character I encounter in my life again and again: men, who express their feelings openly.”

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