Defence Force Airwing assists in Rescue Operation


Two local boaters are on their way to the capital after a Royal Bahamas Defence Force aircraft spotted their distressed vessel near the Berry Islands on Monday afternoon. At 1:50 pm, a 27-foot go fast vessel was spotted by a Defence Force aircraft during a routine
patrol approximately 22 nautical miles northwest of Chub Cay. The aircraft was piloted by Lieutenant Marcellinus Rolle. The two men were seen waving frantically on board the vessel. The Defence Force’s Operations Department was informed and a patrol craft was sent to assist. Before the patrol craft arrived at the area, another Bahamian vessel was in the area and assisted in towing the distressed vessel. Both crafts are making way for the capital.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force has been involved in several rescue operations during the last few days. On Sunday past, Marines attached to the Harbour Patrol unit rescued 5 individuals, including an 8-year-old child after a 20-ft speedboat ran aground on a Cay just north of Arawak Cay late Sunday Night. Earlier on Sunday, the Harbour Patrol Unit was responsible for detaining 2 males who were wanted by Police for criminal matters. Their vessel had experienced mechanical problems earlier prior to being rescued by the Defence Force. The men were handed over to Police officials. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues to protect the territorial waters of The Bahamas.

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