BAMSI’s Agricultural Development Officer receives fellowship to attend International Training Course in Bangkok, Thailand


The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) is pleased to announce that Agricultural Development Officer (ADO) Sheri Hortence Fountain has been awarded a fellowship to attend the Annual International Training Course (AITC) on “Food Security-Postharvest, Processing and Product Development of Selected Agro-Industrial Product”, June 12 – July 11, 2018. The training is being conducted by the Faculty of Argo, Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand and is being facilitated through Thailand’s International Cooperation Agency (TICA).

Ongoing training and development for employees, particularly Agricultural Development Officers, is a critical component of BAMSI’s mission statement and speaks directly to its ability to stay abreast with industry best practices and important changes being made in the areas of food security, sustainability, and agro-technology. This advantageous skills upgrade and other opportunities like it, allow BAMSI to maintain its competitive edge, filling any weaknesses and skill gaps, while also provides an exciting opportunity for staff members to gain valuable global insight into the agriculture industry, and experience different cultural and societal norms that could impact how the sector operators.  

Ms. Fountain is one of 20 participants from countries across the globe, with students coming from as far as Zambia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Georgia and the Philippines. She is also a former student of BAMSI, having completed her Associate of Science degree in Agriculture in 2017.

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