Teach them to be kind and to stay safe, Social Services Minister says at graduation ceremony for tots

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, Lanisha Rolle is at the podium.

The Hon. Lanisha Rolle, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, called on parents and teachers to teach children how to be kind, and how to stay safe. She spoke at the 2018 graduation ceremony of the Early Childhood  Development Center, Thursday, June 14th. “Child neglect and child abuse are unacceptable at any level. Violence, that is fighting, hitting, punching is a no, no. Parents, we must be examples to our children and we must protect them every day so they grow up in a safe place.”


Minister Rolle encouraged the children to be kind to everyone, obedient, and to inform their teachers and parents if anyone hurts them.  “Remember if you learn your work, you can be whatever you want to be. If you be kind and stay safe, you will have fun; and if you be good and obedient children, boys and girls you will be ready to go,” she said.


More scenes from the  2018 graduation ceremony at the Early Childhood Development Center below:


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