Minister Pintard Applauds Youth Leadership Programme Grads

(BIS Photos/Eric Rose)

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Culture the Hon. Michael Pintard congratulated the more than 80 graduates of his Ministry’s Youth Leaders Certification Programme, during the standing-room-only Graduation Ceremony at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Hall, on June 28, 2018.  The group was the third cohort to complete the 16-week course for the 2017-2018 session.  Minister Pintard pointed out that they interact with thousands of young Bahamians in a positive way, “seeing the future” when they look at the youth.  He pointed out that there was “a lot at stake” and a need for “talented and fully-trained young leaders” to address the issue that Bahamian youth face on a daily basis.  “It is only fair that we give them the requisite skills; so they could properly help to mold those young lives,”  he said.  

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