Cabinet Minister on shuffle


The Bahamas experienced a period of change within the local government, as four cabinet ministers were shuffled to various ministries. On Monday, July 2, 2018; however, the reassignment won’t be effective until Wednesday, July 4, 2018. The Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Dr. the Hon. Hubert A. Minnis transferred four members of his cabinet. Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, Lanisha Rolle was transferred to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture. Meanwhile, Minister of Youth Sports and Culture, Michael Pintard was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources, while the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Renward Wells was assigned to the Ministry of Transport and Aviation. Minister Frankie Campbell, Minister of Transport and Aviation was referred to the position of Minister of Social Services and Urban Development. In an interview with two of the Cabinet Ministers, Hon. Frankie Campbell and Hon. Renward Wells suggested that the Cabinet shuffle should not be considered as an unfortunate ordeal. According to the Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, Frankie Campbell he exclaimed, “Frankie Campbell was continuously aware that he served at the pleasure of the prime minister and that the prime minister could wake up any morning and make such a decision… Governments are continuous.


Ministers are agents of the governments to drive the government’s policy and I would have done that to what I believe is the best of my ability in the Ministry of Transport. It is my prayer that I would take the same zeal and the same pride to the Ministry of Social Services”. On the other hand, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Hon. Renward Wells expressed how the Free National Movement government is being transparent in their governance as they would have been shuffled rapidly. The Minister exclaimed, “We were moved very quickly. I think that speaks to the kind of management that we would have all done in our ministries that we didn’t need to clean up anything that we could simply just move” While Wells says he will meet with Campbell about plans that are in place for the ministry of Transport and what can be done- Campbell assured that some of the Ministry’s Project will continue. In closing, The Minister of Social Services and Former Minister of Transport and Aviation left his closing remarks expressing, “I’ve developed a love for the maritime industry and the potential that I know it has for young Bahamians looking for a career, but that is a part of the government’s vision, so that too I know will continue. The ministry will continue to move forward with the plans to modernize the local government sector.

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