Dental Scams


Illegal operations of non-registered and untrained dentist have become a commonly practiced in the Bahamas to date. Registrar of the Bahamas Dental Council, Dr. Sparkman Ferguson is warning the Bahamian Public on a plethora of scammers who have been using social media as a tool to advertise dental services; however, they are operating out of their homes, using unsanitized dental equipment on Bahamian citizens. He specified, that these un-qualified dentists are charging extremely low prices for dental services, leaving the end result to the professionals who have to correct the job of those dentists. Dr. Ferguson exclaimed, “We’ve got individuals who don’t have a business license offering services like dental whitening and now like braces treatment for our citizens, and some of them have gone get the surgeries performed, end up with damaged teeth or end up with burns in their mouths and us who practice dentistry we get to find out about these problems because once these damages take place now our citizens are now coming back to us to correct all these concerns.”


On the other hand, Dr. Ferguson gave out two warning signs to the Bahamian public to bring about awareness. He suggested that once a person is advertising using social media, such as Facebook and whats app, you should know they are not accredited because advertising Dentistry in the Bahamas is illegal. Secondly, he stated if a person is inviting you to their home for treatment, it’s evident they are non-professionals, because dental professionals do not work from their homes.

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