Extension for residents of Shanty Town


With other eleven Shanty Towns in New Providence, Prime Minister Hubert A. Minnis is
insisting that Shanty towns become extinct in hopes to create a better Bahama Land. According to Head of the Shanty Town Task Force, Senator Dion Foulkes, he explains the final notices given to the Shanty Town communities across New Providence, along with the extension of the communities. Senator Foulkes said, “THE DEADLINE is now August the 10th. It is no longer July 31st. It changed because of the first notice we gave which required the 14 day lead period…we want to make sure we covered all legal grounds and no possibility of us being stopped”. The Senator also stated that the residents were given twenty- eight days to vacate the premises. In reference to the Minister, Senator Foulkes, the notice reads, “Rights to live in any of the residences you are living in goes to the Min. of works Control Building division and present your legal right to be there.

Nine persons came forward and presented building permit numbers…some ten persons also applied for building permits… all of that now is now in abeyance and we have put a stop to that process”. During the visit to the Shanty Towns, animals in the communities had to have been given special attention, as the Minister expressed how delegates will be in each shanty town accessing the types of animals, and how they can place them in special care to be adopted. However, residents of the shantytown communities are displeased with the time frame the government has given to them, for they feel it’s not ample time to evacuate the premises. Residents also expressed how they wished the Government would speak to them and make them an officer to purchase the homes. None-the-less, more than fifty percent of residents in the eleven Shanty Towns in the capital have vacated their premises.


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