Over 2,000 Traffic Tickets issued to motorists who run the red light


Running the red light has become the norm these days. According to police reports, over
two-thousand of this year’s traffic tickets were issued to motorists who ran the red light. Police said that the number of traffic incidents, in most cases, including running the traffic light, increased by at least ten percent annually and that this lack of discipline on the road leads to injury and fatalities. Superintendent Mareno Hinds from the police traffic department explained that this is a concern because of a person’s intentional negligence. He said “society has gotten itself in a hurry nobody wants to exercise courtesy for their fellow man and everybody believes that their selfishness will get them to their destination much faster. Persons move on the amber and because the intersection is so large by the time they reach the middle of it, its red so what they have done is essentially traversed another person’s right to go.”

Hinds said that he has noticed the majority of traffic infractions happen at midnight and before dawn. “There is this perception that once it is after hours and we will deem after hours as 12am people think it is okay to leave on a red light that is not what our statute laws say that is not what our laws say. Whenever the light is on red you should stop and so to be very truthful about it you get more excuses for running the red light after 12:00 because people have other concerns and they do not want to be at the red light around midnight and thereafter.” Hinds continued and spoke about the next step in enforcement for those who break the traffic laws. “In The Bahamas, we are moving toward modern technology, and the police have a CCTV department and in very short order persons in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas will find that technology is used in determining whether or not someone has run the red light or not and where we deem it necessary for our society we are going to look at avenues that can aid and assist us in stopping persons
from running the red light.”


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