The Bahamas National Trust Eco-Summer Camp


Celebrating one decade of existence, The Bahamas National Trust is indeed elated to be opening another year of their eco summer camp program. The National camp will be held in Andros, as high school students participate in learning about the environment and bring awareness on preserving our natural heritage. Campers said how the camp has enlightened them and made them realize that you can have an eventful time without using gadgets, as well as, learning about your environment. Some specified how they created lifelong bonds, and felt the need to return for another year and eventually become an advisor for the camp. The Eco- Summer Camp has been flourishing since its existence says Deputy Executive Director, Lynn Gape stated, “Initially we had 30 students participating a year, it has grown to 40, so we’ve had actually had over 400 young people.”


Non-the-less, Aliv has opened its doors and welcomed the Bahamas National Trust Eco- camp, as they sponsor the program. Jamie Pinder, Marketing Executive for Aliv states, how the cooperation is in a long-term agreement with BNT and it looks forward to supporting the Next Generation. Evidently, the BNT summer camp will be filled with lots of activities; resulting in, an eventful, momentous occasion. The Bahamas National Trust outreach officer, Steffon Evans says, the campers are in for an adventurous summer. He expanded on the various adventures the summer campers will be engaging in such as visiting the barrier reefs of North Andros, attending 3 National Parks and diving into the world renown Captain Bill’s Blue Hole.

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