Journey to Journalism

Summer Intern, Catherine Gomez

My name is Catherine Gomez and I am 18 years old. I am currently studying Media Journalism at The University of The Bahamas with hopes of one day becoming the “Bahamian Oprah”. I applied for a summer job at ZNS because I wanted to immerse myself within the roots of Bahamian journalism. ZNS allowed me to branch out from within the four walls of the classroom and truly experience the life of a reporter. Everything I learned in my freshman year was affirmed as I was sent on assignments all over the island, interviewed persons of all backgrounds and even got the chance to write news stories aired for our entire Commonwealth to see. One of the many life-changing experiences I had was when I went with a senior reporter to the prison for their first ever ‘Prisoners Journey Program’. This program honored 73 prisoners who completed an eight- week journey bringing them closer to God and his unwavering love. Listening to the prisoners’ testimonies taught me the true essence of a reporter. I learned that I must be a voice for those who are currently silenced by the overwhelming odds of life. Furthermore, this job allowed me to establish bonds and connections with persons from all walks of life. From the Governor General who encouraged me to follow the path, God has for my life, to little Zion Rolle who was diagnosed with a hearing impairment at the age of 5 who enthusiastically told me how Dairy Queen is assisting him with speech therapy.

This summer job was more than a plus to my resume because from the moment I stepped into the newsroom ZNS believed in me, allowing me to infuse my ideas, perspectives, and opinions in their DNA. I studied each reporter observing them carefully and understanding how they work, think and talk. I also recognized and appreciated the fact that every day, every second, the different departments in this one bodywork simultaneously to bring the news to you. Therefore, I can say they’ve become my family as they’ve taught me the skills and values I will carry out in my daily life. Undoubtedly, through this experience, I have learned to open my eyes to the realities of life and let go of preconceived notions as I interviewed politicians on critical topics and held a snake for my story on injured wildlife. ZNS has lifted the rose-colored glasses off my eyes and revealed to me the many struggles and hardships my own people go through. Therefore “the people’s station” has made me aspire to be a voice of the people. Furthermore, as ZNS motto says “only the sun covers the Bahamas better”, I can attest that they’ve truly enlightened my mind with a greater understanding of the world around me.


More images from the 2018 ZNS Internship below:

Summer Internet, Agassi Sweeting
Summer intern; Brandan Toote
Summer Intern, Abiah Missick


L – R  Ms. Linda Sands(Human Resources Manager), Mrs. Sandra Duncombe-Knowles (A.G.M of Human Resources) Brendalee Martin, Doricka Mott, Mrs. Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs (Acting General ManagerAbiah Missick, Picecilla Forbes, Agassi Sweeting, Catherine Gomez, Ashton Taylor

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