Phenton Neymour passes away


Phenton Neymour, served as the Member of Parliament (M.P.) for the South Beach constituency following the May 2, 2007, general election. Mr. Neymour was sworn in as Minister of State for Public Utilities by His Excellency the Hon. Arthur D. Hanna Governor-General on May 14, 2007. In a Cabinet shuffle in July 2008, he was appointed Minister of State for The Environment.

He was born in Steventon, Exuma on September 3, 1964, to Basil and Ena Neymour. He graduated from St. Paul’s College, Freeport 1980 and Queen’s College, Nassau 1982. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Mathematics and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Business Administration from Syracuse University, New York. He also received a Master in Business Administration degree from The University of Miami. In addition, Mr. Neymour had over 15 years of flying experience with both American and British pilot licenses and rating.

A former officer of the Coalition for Democratic Reform (CDR), Mr. Neymour was also involved in the trade union movement serving as president of the Water and Sewage Corporate Management Union and as the Assistant Secretary General of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress (TUC).

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