The Bahamas Celebrates World Breast Feeding Week


“The dietary choices of Bahamians are so bad that even the babies quit the bad diet,” said Minister of Health, Dr. Hon. Duane Sands at the World Breastfeeding Week first Opening Ceremony, which was held in the Ministry of Health’s Cafeteria, Wednesday, August 1, 2018. He said the diet of Bahamians need to change so that babies can have a better start in life. Principal Nursing Officer, Sandra Coleby said The Bahamas recognizes two different “Breastfeeding Weeks”.

She said, “There is ‘World Breastfeeding Week’, which is the first week in August, and there is “National Breastfeeding Week”, which is the first week in October.” She shared the benefits of breastfeeding against the disadvantages of bottle feeding.  Dr. Sands left the small gathering of mothers, nurses and little children with this: “We really have to have the courage of our intuition.”

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