Agriculture & ALIV – ‘Project Backyard Farming Bahamas’


‘Project Backyard Farming Bahamas’: The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources in conjunction with ALIV held a press conference Monday, August 20, 2018, at the Ministry to announce ALIV’s launch of a Backyard Farming national initiative to encourage the growth of local fruit and vegetables in backyard gardens.  ALIV’s assistance is planned for a Backyard Farming project in Long Island, and will then move to Cat Island and Exuma with the objective of boosting agricultural self-reliance.  Chief ALIV officer Damian Blackburn said, “ALIV’s goal is to promote backyard farming so that everyone becomes involved.” The Hon. Michael Pintard, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, expressed the need for citizens of the country as well as corporate entities to join ALIV in assisting the government, and the country, with the drive to produce fresh fruit and vegetables in local backyard garden soil.

Minister Pintard is pictured addressing the press conference and discussing plans, along with Mr. Blackburn, and Department of Agriculture officials.

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