Diesel Fuel Spill, Farmer’s Hill Exuma


The Ministry of Transport and Local Government regrets that Port Department Officials in George Town Exuma were alerted 11am this morning (20 August 2018) to a diesel fuel leak by the operators of Emerald Bay Marina located in Farmers Hill Exuma. It was further discovered that a diesel fuel storage tank line managed by Sun Oil had sprung a leak on 19 August 2018 resulting in approximately 3,600 – 3,800 gallons of diesel fuel (Tier 1 oil spill) escaping into the waters of the marina. Officials from the Port Department, Department of Environmental Health and representatives from Sun Oil here in Nassau are presently on scene engaged in recovery efforts. The immediate area has been secured with the aid of containment booms to prevent any further impact on the neighboring environment or marine life.

Port Officials have reported that the situation is presently under control and that recovery efforts are ongoing. The monitoring against maritime pollution and effective mitigation in response to environmental pollution remain a priority for the Ministry of Transport and Local Government and the Port Department by extension.


More from the Oil Spill below:


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