News Item on Hurricane Florence, Tropical Storms Isaac & Helene, and Sub-tropical Storm Joyce


Hurricane Florence:

Heavy rainbands with tropical storm force winds spreading across the outer banks and coastal SOutheastern North Carolina.  At 11 a.m, the center of Hurricane Florence was located near latitude 33.4 North and Longitude  75.5° West or about 145 miles east-southeast of Will. Florence is moving toward the Northwest near 10 miles per hour. This general motion accompanied by a further decrease in forward speed is expected to continue through today, a turn to the west-northwest and West at an even slower west-southwestward motion is forecast Friday night and Saturday.


Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 105 miles per hour (mph) with higher gusts. Little change in strength is expected before the center reaches the coast with weakening expected after the center moves inland.


Tropical Storm Isaac:

Isaac is now moving across the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The center of Tropical Storm Isaac was located near latitude 14.9°North and longitude 61.8° West or about 50 miles Southwest of Dominica.

Isaac is moving towards the west near 20 miles per hour. A westward track with a slower forward speed is forecast to continue for the next few days. On the forecast track, Isaac should move farther away from the Lesser Antilles today and then move across the Eastern and Central Caribeean Sea through the weekend.

Maximum sustained wind remains near 45 miles per hour (mph) with higher gusts. Little changes in strength are expected over the next several hours as Isaac moves through the Leeward Islands. Gradual weakening is forecast after that as Isaac moves through the Eastern Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Helene:

Helene weakens to a Tropical Storm while moving northward over the Northeast Atlantic.

The center of Tropical Storm Helene was located near latitude 24.8° North and Longitude 37.3° West or about 1135 miles Southwest of the Azores. Helene is moving toward the north near 14 miles per hour. The system should accelerate and turn toward the northeast by Sunday. On the forecast track, Helene will be approaching the Azores late Saturday or Sunday

Maximum sustained winds have dropped to near 70 miles per hour (mph) with higher gusts. Some continued weakening is forecast during the next 72 hours.


Sub-Tropical Storm Joyce:

Joyce is moving West-Southwestward.  The center of Sub Tropical Storm Joyce was located near latitude  33.7° North and Longitude 43.7° West or about 980 miles West-Southwest of the Azores. Joyce is moving toward the West-SOuthwest near 6 miles per hour. A turn toward the South-Southwest and then a turn toward the south is expected later today through early Friday. A gradual turn toward the East-Northeast with an increase in forward speed is expected Saturday and Sunday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 40 miles per hour (mph) with higher gusts. While little changes in strength are forecast during the next 48 hours Joyce could transition to a Tropical Storm in the next day or two.

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