Young Ladies at Seminar Asked to be Part of Building a Proud Future


Governor-General Her Excellency the Most Hon. Dame Marguerite Pindling addressed an Anglican Church Women’s 16th Annual Seminar for Young Ladies on Saturday, October 6, 2018, at St. Matthew’s Church Hall during which she advised the young women to let their hearts, thoughts, words, and deeds be shaped by the foundation of their faith, as good character would open doors for them.  She acknowledged that pressure from their peers and the media makes their world all-the-more challenging.


She advised that they should seek wisdom and gain a good education; show kind, positive attitude, be gentle in words and actions; dress with modesty; invest in engaging with good friends who share the same values, and remember that good people build good families, good families build good communities, and good communities build good nations: the young ladies should be part of building a proud future.

Governor General to address young ladies seminar Oct 6, 2018 287864Governor General to address young ladies seminar Oct 6, 2018 287828

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