The Governor General Attended 60th Anniversary Church Service Honouring Boys’ Brigade’s Captain Fernley Palmer

(BIS Photos/Derek Smith)

The 14th Company of Boys’ Brigade celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Captain Fernley Palmer, MBE, JP in a church service at Zion Baptist Church, East and Shirley Streets, on Sunday, November 4, 2018.  Governor General, Her Excellency the Most Hon. Dame Marguerite Pindling attended the service and is pictured in the front pew.  Captain Palmer, who has given over 70 years to the Boys’ Brigade, and 60 years as captain, is pictured with his family, and chatting with the Governor General. 

GG attends the 14th Company of Boy's Brigade Church Service in celebration of 60th Anniversary of Captain Fernley Palmer Nov 4, 2018 Photo by Derek Smith 303588

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