Doctors Hospital Launches Pediatric Emergency Room Service

Pediatrician Dr. Ianthe Cartwright examines a young boy in the new Doctors Hospital Pediatric Emergency Room.

Doctors Hospital (Bahamas) Ltd and PEM Bahamas Ltd have teamed up to enhance the
Emergency Care already offered by the country’s only acute care private hospital by adding dedicated Pediatric Emergency service. “Although we have always treated children of all ages when they presented at our Emergency Room, we recognized an opportunity to strengthen the service we provide by bringing onboard a pediatric emergency specialists team and identifying a separate space conducive to treating patients aged 0-18 years,” explained Doctors Hospital President Dr. Charles Diggiss. For Dr. Jerome Lightbourne, Pediatrician and Pediatric Cardiologist and President and Managing Director of PEM Bahamas Ltd, the partnership is the realization of a long-held vision which benefits both patients and local pediatricians. “Through this partnership, parents can rest assured knowing that when their child gets sick or hurt outside of regular office hours or their condition is such that more emergency care is required, they have access to the best emergency care for their children right here at home,” he explained, adding “pediatricians are also assured that we will be working with them to provide a continuum of care before, during and after treating their patients for any after-hours medical emergency or providing care that exceeds what they are able to provide in a primary care office. Now, there’s little need to incur the additional costs
associated with traveling abroad to receive emergency care.”


The Doctors Hospital Pediatric Emergency team is led by Dr. Delon Brennen. The other pediatricians on the team include Dr. Teykia Deveaux and Dr. Ianthe Cartwright. Additional qualified pediatric specialists will be added to the team as the service expands, but patients currently have immediate access to the full complement of Doctors Hospital specialists whenever necessary including cardiology, neurology and critical care. Dr. Brennen, who is board certified in Pediatric Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Pediatrics is well known for his work in pediatric emergency medicine in the public sector and is excited to bring this dedicated care for young patients to a private hospital setting. “It’s something that people here have wanted for a long time,” he explained, “now, when their primary physician’s office is closed, they can immediately access specialist care for their children when they’re most vulnerable and it’s most needed.” “Knowing that there are a place and space that you can trust to be able to receive that level of care is key for anyone in those circumstances and being able to provide this service is a welcome opportunity for me.” He explained that having a dedicated Pediatric Emergency service is ideal. “When it comes to emergency situations, parents want healthcare providers who are comfortable with treating kids. As a Pediatric Emergency Physician, I get an adrenaline rush when I see sick children. I am energized by the fact that I can bring a sense of relief to patients and parents that they might not be able to get elsewhere. This is what I’m trained to do.” Children in need of emergency care, whether arriving by ambulance or private vehicle, will be thoroughly assessed and treated, and the Doctors Hospital Emergency Pediatric team will also determine whether they need to be seen by additional specialists, admitted for surgery or require further treatment. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the Doctors Hospital Emergency Room whenever they feel their child needs emergency care.

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