CPC School Awareness Educational Program


As part of the Educational Awareness Program, Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) has embarked on an aggressive campaign for educating School students, as studies have shown that the biggest consumer body is made of teenagers . As the largest body, they are most likely to be a victim of scam or breach of rights due to little or no knowledge of their legal rights , Young people spend every day buying phones phone cards, electronics products, clothing, Ect and are often victims of defective products all the time whether its shopping online or in stores and don’t know where and what to do The Educational School AWARENESS Program at CPC helps in making young people more responsible in order to manage in the world around them as consumers when making purchases and services .


An afternoon program has started with students from various junior and senior schools that meet the 3 rd Thursday 4-9pm at CPC, the program is facilitated by Ms Machelle Carroll Communications and Operations Manager activities and the Education Programm mission is to empower Young Consumers and spread awareness about their rights, safety and other Consumer fraud and scams making them more responsible adults and Consumers. At Consumer Protection Commission (CPC” ) We believe an Educated consumer make wise choices “ This program is open to any student 13years and above-interested students and schools can
reach out to CPC

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