A special blessing ceremony for newly renovated Cory Newbold Ward & Radiology Department at PMH


A special blessing ceremony held this week at the newly renovated 24 bed Corey Newbold Ward and the recently renovated Radiology Department, Princess Margaret Hospital. Both Units were apart of comprehensive upgrades undertaken over the past six months. Apart from the reintroduction of bed space on Corey Newbold Ward, renovations included new flooring, a new A/C system with cross ventilation and air flow exchange, newly installed piped gases, air and medical gases at each bed station, the introduction and installation of a new nursing call bell system at each bedside. The new Ward also features two (2) patient isolation rooms, with proper airflow exchange, enhanced life safety infrastructure, access to the new digital imaging and laboratory systems, along with a complete resourced nurses’ station, a staff lounge, and a consultation &  examination room.

Renovation works in the Radiology Department included improvement works to the Patient Waiting Room, which features new wooden flooring, and the installation of a focal scenic pictorial wall. The evolution from analog to digital for the Unit involved the upgrade and installation of new digital x-ray and a digital fluoroscopy machines, with the introduction of the new Picture Archiving & Communications system (PACS), along with enhanced renovation works for examination rooms #3 and #5. The new Picture Archiving & Communications system (PACS). The PACS system is a medical imaging technology provides efficient storage & convenient, real-time access to images from multiple modalities. The PACS is used to replace x-ray film with digital images, and are a major evolutionary step in the practice of radiology and imaging services throughout the PHA. The Department can also boast the installation upgrade of a new 64 slice CT Scanner from a 16 slice machine previously operated in the Department since commissioned in 2009. The renovation also included upgrades to the CT Room, which features new wooden flooring, a full pictorial room design.

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