Bahamas Immigration Department charged (2) persons in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court


Bahamian citizen James Paul Jacques 40, appeared before Magistrate Charlton Smith in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court #2 for Harbouring an Illegal Person Contrary to Section 47A (1)a of the Immigration Act and punishable under Section 47(2) of the Immigration (Amended) Act 2015. Particulars outlined that on Wednesday, 5/Dec, Jacques knowingly or recklessly or without reasonable cause, provided housing, board and shelter to an Illegal Person namely Cecil Reid a Jamaican National. Jacques who was represented by attorney Carlson Shurland, pled guilty as charged and was subsequently convicted and ordered to pay a fine of $4000.00 or serve a default sentence of 1 year at BDCS, New Providence. Also appearing before Magistrate Charlton Smith was Jamaican National Cecil Reid 58, charged with Illegal Landing Contrary to Section 19 (1)b & (2) of the Immigration Act.

 Particulars revealed that on Wednesday, Reid was found to have been in The Bahamas after having landed from a place outside of The Bahamas without the leave of an Immigration Officer. Reid pled guilty as charged and Magistrate Smith convicted him and ordered that he pay a fine of $300.00 or serve a default sentence of 2 months at the BDCS. Both Jacques and Reid paid their court imposed fines and Reid was flown to the capital to be detained at the Detention Centre until deportation to Jamaica.  The Department of Immigration wishes to remind the public that it is an offense to Harbour ANY Illegal Person by providing accommodation. If discovered all persons will be hauled before the courts and charged with the offense which upon summary conviction carries a maximum penalty of $10,000.00 and 5 years imprisonment or to both such fine and imprisonment.

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