G.B.P.A Conchman Iron Kids Medal Presentation

2018 Iron Kids winners and members of the Secondary School winning Relay Teams pictured with their medals. Lucayan International School won first and second place, third place winner was Sunland Baptist Academy. The teams also won cash prizes for their schools and were awarded checks at the presentation.

A crowd pleasing highlight of the annual Grand Bahama Port Authority Conchman Triathlon is the children’s Iron Kids Competition. The event is open to kids up to twelve years old and gives them the opportunity to display their athleticism in a mini version of the full triathlon. A presentation was held last week at the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the
triathlon’s Event Sponsor, to officially award the winners and top finishers
with medals and prizes.

Presenting the medals was Grand Bahama Port Authority Acting Chairman,
Sarah St. George, who took the opportunity to congratulate the children
and thank the organizers. “First I’d like to congratulate Christopher Baker, Ravanno Ferguson and the team for organizing this 32 nd Annual Conchman Triathlon. It’s a great credit to the Conchman organizers that they have hosted this event every year for over 30 years. The GBPA Conchman Triathlon has always been a family event and I’m so happy to see so many high school teams participating this year. Today we’re here to celebrate the Iron Kids’ outstanding performance so congratulations to everyone and see you again next year!”

Launy Duncombe 2nd place winner in Iron Kids Boys age 11 to 12 category pictured with GBPA Acting Chairman Sarah St. George and Ravanno Ferguson, Conchman Committee.

The 2018 Iron Kids competition had 35 participants. The Iron Kids, proud
family members and supporters congregated at GBPA Headquarters to
celebrate the occasion. “Today was exciting because the kids received
their medals for the event,” said Ravanno Ferguson, Conchman Triathlon
Committee Member. “Their medals weren’t on island at the time of the
triathlon, therefore we couldn’t make the presentation on the day, but the
kids were very excited to receive their medals as well as their monetary
prizes from the GPBA Conchman Committee.”

Iron Kids winners Karis Knowles, Dylan Mellor, Isaac Leal and Mason Knowles were awarded the medals from Acting Chairman of the Grand Bahama Port Authority Sarah St. George. The competition was held on Saturday November 3rd. Also pictured Conchman Committee Member Ravanno Ferguson.

Ferguson was pleased to present the first, second and third place winners
of the Secondary School Challenge with their cheques. The competition is
open to all high schools on the island. It consists of relay teams with a  swimmer, biker, and runner on each team. Medals and cash prizes are
awarded to the top three teams. Lucayan International School victoriously
captured the first and second place with teams “The Breezy One” (1 st place)
powered by Ocean Smith, Nathan Wright, and Charlie Skyes and
“Anonymous” (2 nd place) members Katelyn Cabral, Christofor Castro and
Martin Albury. The teams received cheques in the amount of $600 and
$300 respectively. Sunland Baptist Academy’s team “Abraham” consisted
of members Nigel Forbes, Eudancel McPhee, and Ailaya Lightbourne
finished in third place receiving $100. Ferguson encouraged local track, swimming, and cycling clubs to support next year’s competition, he expressed that a partnership between the schools and local sporting clubs on the island is key to the continued growth of Iron Kids and by extension the GBPA Conchman Triathlon.

Winner of the Iron Kids Girls age 7 to 8 category Amelie Dormans pictured receiving her medal from GBPA Acting Chairman Sarah St. George.

Winners in the Individual Category were as follows:
Male Age Group (1 – 6):
Nitayo Knowles (1 st )
Kamaro Wiggins (2 nd )

Female Age Group (1 – 6):
Karis Knowles (1st)
Kaleha Seymour (2 nd)

Male Age Group (7 – 8):

Dylan Mellor (1 st )
Isaac Leaf (2 nd )
Mason Knowles (3 rd )

Female Age Group (7 – 8):
Amelie Dormans (1 st )
Isabella Cuccurullo (2 nd )

Male Age Group (9 – 10):
Ayden Bain (1 st )
Brody Thompson (2 nd )
Dimitri Lescure (3 rd )

Female Age Group (9 – 10):
Passion Daniel (1 st )
Zoe Williamson (2 nd )
Gabriella Thompson (3 rd )

Male Age Group (11 – 12):
Marvin Johnson (1 st )
Launy Duncombe (2 nd )
Tafari Fountain (3 rd )

Female Age Group (11 – 12):
Seannia Norville-Smith (1 st )

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